PAPI, “pen and paper interview” is a data collection technique, the most conventional one: data is recorded on a paper questionnaire and subsequently entered in a database for further analysis.

This methodology tends increasingly to give way to technologically more advanced methods, but it is still applied in qualitative or quantitative studies, where it is necessary to fully record, word for word, the respondents’ answers for the subsequent data analysis (which would be much slower on a different device) or where it is not possible to use any kind of electronic devices.

Conducting interviews is a way of collecting qualitative data, focused around a specific topic or a set of issues for consumer views towards a service, product, concept or an idea. It comprises of a list of questions where the consumers are free to write up their mind. Pen and Paper Interviews (PAPI) is valid to both business-to-business (B2B) marketing research and to business-to-consumer (B2C) research. The main purpose of Pen and Paper Interviews (PAP) is to specifically uncovering the respondent’s perspectives and produce exact and specific answers about their attitudes, opinions and purposes. Our interviewers are always prepared with as much background as possible, as we know a better understanding of how the data will be used once collected. The interviewers know to conduct surveys in a consistent and non-biased way. The advantages of the pen and paper interview (PAPI) is that there is time for the respondent, in peace, to further develop and give reasons for his or her individual point of views – without being influenced by the opinions of other respondents.

Quality has always been at the main objective of company’s performance. At Idealween, we treat quality as a way of life. We maintain our quality standards for all industries, leaving no room for errors. Our qualified Quality Control team provides quality checks regularly and thoroughly so that the consumer gets the best results from us every single time.

Idealween has applied a range of qualitative techniques to a variety of consumer and business to business research applications. At Idealween we strive for the best, as we like to confirm the highest quality in our data collection.

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