Questionnaire design is a subject fundamental to the market research function. Yet, until now, the available literature on the subject has been too specialist or complex for a wider readership.

Questionnaire Design breaks the subject by providing a basic, yet highly practical, guide to this important area.

We believe that we are expert in providing a very well designed and technical questionnaires according your need.

The design of a questionnaire will depend on whether the researcher wishes to collect exploratory information (i.e. qualitative information for the purposes of better understanding or the generation of hypotheses on a subject) or quantitative information (to test specific hypotheses that have previously been generated).

We in IDEALWEEN will consider every point to make sure that the goal is achieved:

Prescribed wording and order of questions, to ensure that each respondent receives the same stimuli

Prescribed definitions or explanations for each question, to ensure interviewers handle questions consistently and can answer respondents’ requests for clarification if they occur 

Prescribed response format, to enable rapid completion of the questionnaire during the interviewing process.

Given the same task and the same hypotheses, six different people will probably come up with six different questionnaires that differ widely in their choice of questions, line of questioning, use of open-ended questions and length. Our team of expert will combine them to have the best possible result.

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