Pharmaceuticals is a technologically advanced and enormously competitive industry with a requirement for research that helps deliver real competitive advantage. As such, medical and healthcare market research requires an agency that can deliver top class response rates with high level respondents and patients alike.

The term healthcare includes the services we receive from health professionals, the care of older people in nursing homes, and the drugs and allied services that are used to maintain and restore the health of our bodies and minds. We have a specialist market research team who delivers world-class studies on medics, patients, and healthcare administrators.

Every day we speak to healthcare professionals who run hospitals, medical centers, care homes, and dental surgeries and are responsible for making critical buying decisions on a regular basis. We speak to them in their language and we know how to interpret their answers.

Our market research services are used to assess all types of opportunities:


  • Branding

The front of mind unprompted awareness of brands, the interest and consideration of different brands for the drugs and equipment.

  • Customer value propositions

Understanding what people look for and need from the products and services that they buy and specify.

  • Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of buyers and specifies with the products and services that they use.

  • New product development

Generating ideas for new products and services and testing prototypes.

  • Segmentation

Based on behavior, needs, psychographics and demographics.

  • Market assessment

Assessing market sizes, competitive environment and opportunities for medical products and services in new territories.

  • Communications

Effective communications and the best media for communications including the use of new media.

  • Channels

Effective distribution for prescription drugs, over the counter products and medical equipment.

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