Audit Survey

What is a retail audit?

It’s an audit to check and guarantee to have a correct organizing and verify the operation of the business activities in the physical establishments. It is a way to obtain and control the operation of the brands and thus have the highest accessible and highest visibility in the stores.

A shop retail audit helps us to boost our sales and makes us able to improve the customer’s shopping experience as much as possible.

We can give advance notice to the stores in some cases, or even without notice in some other case, both are possible, depends on the objectives. The outcome of retail audit analysis can be various like: Price analysis, brand image, methods of marketing, stock management, time management, store environment, etc.

The main and one of the advantages of doing retail audit can be avoid to waste of time.

Different types of retail audit

There are different types of retails audit which we name some of them here, retail operation audit, promotional and advertising items audit, customer service audit, prevention loss audit, security audit, guidelines audit, etc.

The best way of conducting audit surveys are periodic ones.

Here are also some mistakes which we should avoid while conducting a shop retail audit

Auditing shouldn’t be too comprehensive

We should avoid to check too many activities in one study

Auditing shouldn’t so as self-assessments

This mistake can destroy the data and change the results

Retail Auditors shouldn’t be very flashy

A good briefing to the auditors will be very important and it should be according to the principles according to the objectives

Retail audit shouldn’t be done in rush

Retail auditors should make sure they’ve checked everything, doing it in rush can destroy the whole project

Why doing a shop retail audit is important?

It is obvious that it is very important to have a deep and strong vision for the brand strategy to know how the brand stores is operating. Of course, the vision lonely can’t drive a useful traffic and sales volume.

By evaluating brand stores completely, we can be sure the brand stores are operating according to standards. It can creates a very excellent customer experience which can lead the brand to have a great sale and market share finally.

You can be sure we will do the study on time and well organized to avoid changing results. You can be sure we will apply well experienced retail auditors and will meet your point of sales, gain necessary information, understand your retailers expectations to help you access preferred levels in different sides.