Food and Beverage

What is Food & Beverage Marketing?

Food & Beverage as one of the biggest and yet, one of the most influential fields of the marketing, have a large share of the whole idea of marketing industry. There are so many companies operating in the food industry, but some of them are way more successful than the others.
Certainly there are some factors such as quality, quantity, diversity, and of course price which makes these manufacturers ahead of the others. But there is something bigger that helps any company around the world to achieve their goals, and that is the (proper) use of marketing.
Thanks to marketing strategies, these producers use advertising and promotional campaigns that are carefully crafted to target audiences who have the potential to become consumers. It is a proven fact that marketing can have a major influence on customers, and persuade them to purchase food and beverage products produced by these companies.

Why is Food & Beverage always on top of the list for everyone?

Beside that people always need food to live, food & beverage have a large participation in other aspects of life. You may consider these:

- Health

When it comes to health, food & beverage plays the most important role among them all. Companies had to obey some rules to be allowed to work legitimately. But nowadays, they take care of their customers by producing safe and healthy products in order to gain their trust and satisfaction. This is not because they have to, but this is because of the competition.
It’s simple. The more quality your products provide, the more customers you will get! So obviously, people care about quality as much as they care about price. They are scared of low quality products. The results of an estimation by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) show that there are over half a million cases of food poisoning in The UK annually. This is a worldwide concern in the marketing that people usually lose their trust to the producers of low-quality food products really fast. Even a one-time mistake can lead your business to a long-term failure. So, you can avoid being discredited by producing good-quality and healthy products.

- Entertainment

Food and Beverage became a pastime for so many people in the past decades. Imagine a party where there is nothing to eat for guests. It will be frustrating for everyone. So the food industry is not just about a meal, and it has many branches. It includes junk food, desserts, etc. The point is each branch has its own qualities, and has a large share of the whole industry. So, it is obvious that people love to eat food or beverage not just for daily nutrition, but also to enjoy their favorite tastes. This fact makes these people prone to become a customer for any food & beverage company.

Marketing Research in the field of Food & Beverage

It is necessary for Food & Beverage companies to implement the best strategies and campaigns in order to approach a solution for monetization. What they need is to know the new customers’ behaviors. But it can be quite challenging to get to know what kind of products people intent to buy nowadays. Even with the recent technological advancement, the buying patterns have changed a lot and, this makes the customer acquisition process even more challenging.
Because of the ever-evolving consumer attitude, these producers tried to figure out new ways of conquering the market. Not all of those worked well, and sometimes, it made things worse for them. So instead of spending time, money and energy to find or make new unreliable methods, the smarter companies used a safer and more effective way to reach their goals. They took the advantage of Marketing Research in their field. This is not just like a normal research and it can be really complicated. To do a complete, practical, and reliable research, you should go to specialists. Because of its complex process, marketing research can lead you to a higher level of sales or it can cause you financial losses if not done properly.

Food & Beverage Marketing Research in the World

Marketing research helps businesses expand the product development cycle. Even the biggest companies around the world entrust their marketing research to experts. The specialists of marketing research know the most recent and updated trends in every section. So they can review the ongoing marketing currents and therefore, they are able to provide the best strategies possible to the producers.
The World Health Organization used an initiative way to expunge trans fats from the global food chain recently and, it is planned to be done by 2033. This would not have been possible without marketing research. So with that being said, many manufacturers have already started producing trans-fat-free food products. Thanks to the marketing research, more and more companies are joining this worldwide campaign.
Restaurants have been using marketing research as well. Although many restaurants owners spent a lot of money to buying fresh materials or hiring skilled chefs, but they could not reach the desired results they were looking for and, that is because they did not use marketing properly. That is when research companies come into play.
Statistics show that owners of restaurants and food & beverage companies who have been using marketing research are way more successful than the ones who don’t.

Food & Beverage Marketing Research in Iran

Compared to other countries, Iran is no exception in this subject. In fact, Iran has one of the biggest food and beverage markets in the world. Iranians been always working great in this field. They are famous for a variety of traditional foods. Iran, just like the rest of the world, is the home of many food & beverage recipes. Because of the economic situations that people are struggling with, food or beverage producers prefer not to take risks without awareness of the condition. Since the situation is sort of unpredictable, these kinds of companies are afraid of losing customers by choosing the wrong strategies. So what they do is to get help from the research companies active in Iran. If you are working in the field of food & beverage too, this might concern you as well.

What do we do in Idealween?

We are here to help you!
You may ask what exactly we are going to do.
Idealween shows you the way of success. We will help you find the best and most suitable approaches. We have so many experiences in finding your target audience and, we have been doing this for a long time. There are so many experts in your field of business in Idealween who can help you through.
Idealween is a company specialized in marketing research that can help you in the most common solutions such as concept testing (through questionnaires), sensory analysis (testing the products by individuals), blind test, ad effectiveness, retail audit, brand awareness and so on. We can provide sensitive and important information about the recent changes in food & beverage industry and customers new attitudes. We are able to analysis your rivals and give you the best suggestions, so you can use them as lucrative opportunities in order to be more profitable and stay competitive in the business.
In Idealween, we know how to find your competitors’ weaknesses by comparing and researching professionally. When you get to know them too, you can turn those blind spots to your own advantage.
So, if you want to know what customers are interested in or, how your rival is conquering the market, you should use research marketing methods which is our specialty.
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