Which operator, where, at what rate and price, and why? What is the trend in mobile and broadband tariffs? How are consumers using their phones? Are you using the right tariff package, and offering the right features and design to reach your target customers?

What we do,

We look at the full picture for the telecommunications sector, from market-wide trends and current brand performance and retail sales forecasts to the effectiveness of specific marketing activities for you and your competitors.

You will receive a uniquely comprehensive view of how shoppers are interacting with your brand, products or services at every experience point. And we pinpoint the broad trends and specific influences that drive their choices and behavior every step of the way.

This gives you a complete understanding of the market dynamics and your performance, and what you can do to drive growth.

Our telecommunications solutions include:

• Market trends and forecasting
• Concept testing and optimization
• Point of Sales tracking and analytics
• Retail and channel strategies
• Regional analysis
• Mobile internet journey
• Advertising and communications effectiveness
• Shopper behavior and channel optimization
• Price optimization
• Customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty

We also provide

Point of Sales tracking reports, covering consumer electronics, telecommunications, information technology (IT), office equipment and photo/imaging devices.