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The travel industry is characterized by price competition, over-supply and an increasingly fragmented marketplace.
Success – whether for travel agents, tour operators, cruise operators, airlines, hotels or destinations – depends on understanding exactly what is happening at each step of the booking journey and why. With this knowledge, you can anticipate market developments and focus on the areas giving profitable growth.

Our travel industry research specialists give you that insight. We are the only ones who provide market and consumer insights based on live booking data across all silos in the travel market. This means that you get a more accurate and up-to-date understanding of what is selling today and the trends for tomorrow.

And because we monitor thousands of sales points, including shop, call center, web and mobile channels, we are entirely up to date with the changing consumer behavior and demand at every point along the booking journey.

With this combined view of what is happening and why, you can create successful strategies based on solid market data – from identifying market potential to developing a new destination or portfolio of products and tailoring services to match market demand.

For example,

For travel companies, we give you full understanding of consumers’ behavior and demand at each point along the booking journey, covering traditional as well as online channels. With this insight, you can shape differentiated and targeted offerings that can be offered directly to the travelers, resulting in increased margins.
For destinations and tourism boards, we provide detailed insights on how destinations are perceived by travelers. With this, we help you identify new strategic opportunities and specific ways to increase customer satisfaction, improve operations efficiency and create adaptable business processes.
For airlines and tour operators, we continuously monitor how many people are traveling to specific destinations. By combining this with our market and consumer trends insights, we highlight not only the most popular routes and destinations today, but also the new opportunities opening up for tomorrow.