Marketing in the automotive industry (mobility)

Automobile industry or mobility is one of the main industries in our country that in recent years with increasing production in this industry, the automobile industry has played a significant role in the country’s economy and we are seeing the development of production capacities in domestic automobile companies. Undoubtedly, when we see an increase in production in the industry, there is a competitive market in that industry, and since the market of the mobility and automotive industry is no exception, we can say that at the moment, in parts of the market of this industry in our country, relative competition has been formed and therefore the marketing process in the automotive and mobility industry has become very important.
Of course, despite such circumstances which exist in the field of automotive and vehicle industry competition, producing high-quality products and unique services at a reasonable price can lead manufacturers and help them overtake the share of products and services from other activists in the same field of activity. But that alone is not enough to succeed in this industry and the fact is the main secret of surpassing competitors and gaining a significant share in the mobility and automotive market is knowing the rules and principles of marketing and applying them correctly in order to sell products and services.
Marketing in the automobile and mobility industry is a complex issue and in order to succeed in this complex category, it is necessary to conduct extensive marketing researches in the field of marketing in Iran and the world, and finally, based on the analysis of marketing researches, appropriate strategy is designed and implemented. The marketing strategy, which is based on marketing research conducted globally and in Iran, can simply have a huge impact on increasing the number of customers and increasing their satisfaction with services or products, thereby increasing your income.

The importance of Automobile Industry and Mobility in Iran and its history

The automotive industry is very important not only in the world but also in Iran. Since Iran is one of the most important countries in the Middle East in the field of automobile manufacturing and the advancement of this industry. Iran even is the first country in the Middle East to start its activities in the field of mobility and automobile manufacturing, so it is obvious how important the automobile and mobility industry is in Iran.
Production and manufacturing of vehicles in Iran dates back to the early 1940s. Now that the automotive and mobility industry has become one of the most important industries in our country, many individuals and legal entities have entered this field and have decided to enter the various sectors of this industry in order to produce more products.

Marketing research on mobility and vehicles in Iran

There are various companies in Iran that operate in the field of vehicles and mobility products or services, but it would definitely be said that the main ones are Iran Khodro and Saipa. Some other activists in this field in Iran are the companies of Modiran Khodro, Oghab, Persia Khodro, Mammoth, IrToya, Zagros Khodro, etc., who are active in this industry as either producers or assemblers.
Marketing research in Iran has many advantages for industry activists, the most important of which is the ability to provide the necessary platform for the development cycle of products and services. Also, according to the statistics, activists who use marketing research to procure their strategies are more successful than those who do not, and following that, they earn more annually.

Marketing research on mobility and vehicles in the world

If we are going to talk about the companies that operate globally in the field of mobility and vehicles, there is no doubt that we can talk about them for weeks or maybe months and, just to collect the names of each of them, we need to make a long list.
However, companies such as Hyundai, Bugatti, Benz, BMW, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, Kia, Land Rover, etc., are the most important companies in this field, which only taking a look at their marketing methods and learn from them can help you achieve success in the shortest possible time. That’s why worldwide marketing research is recommended for all industry players.
If you take a look at the marketing strategy of large companies active in the field of mobility and vehicles, you will easily see that many of them have outsourced marketing research to national and international experts, because people who are specialized in this field are aware of the latest trends and market changes and thus, they can offer the best marketing and advertising strategy to employers (producers) by using the research they have done according to the market conditions.

Marketing research on mobility and vehicles

As mentioned earlier, compared to other countries in the Middle East, Iran is a leading country in the field of mobility and automotive. Since the beginning of the automotive industry in Iran until now, there have been various ups and downs in this industry, but now there are links between the mobility and automobile industry and our country’s economy, which has led to localization this industry in the country, many efforts were made.
It is true that Iran’s automotive industry has not achieved anything internationally, but according to marketing research conducted in the last few decades, 4.2% of the value added seen in Iran’s economic zones belongs directly and indirectly to the vehicle and mobility industry.
Given the competitive atmosphere in this market, a wrong marketing decision can take you away from the path of success for many kilometers, so it’s best to get help from companies or people active in the field. Working with companies that work in the field of marketing research globally as well as marketing research in Iran can put you ahead of your competitors and even save your time and money.

About Idealween Company

Idealween Company is an active company in the field of surveying (statistics) that has been active in marketing research in Iran and the world for several years. During these years of activity, we have been able to gain a lot of experience, and since we have been working with companies based in Iran for a long time, we can simply help you find your core audience purposefully.

What we can do for you in the field of mobility and automotive

At Idealween, we can use concept tests (through questionnaires), advertising effectiveness, informing people about your brand name (brand awareness), organizational and retail audits and many other measures, along with conducting marketing research in worldwide and Iran, analysis of your competitors, etc., with fast and innovative solutions, to provide the best way for you to surpass your competitors.
In fact, we are here to help you search for a path to success so that you can finally find the best and most suitable solutions for selling your products and services, and take a significant share of the mobility and vehicle market by turning your competitors’ weaknesses into your strengths.
With experienced consultants and a powerful network around the world, we can design the best strategies for conquering the peak of success in the automotive and mobility industry. You leave your entire marketing research issues in Iran or even marketing research in the world to us, so that we can show you the way to take advantage of the opportunities in the current market of mobility and vehicles. By having this information, you can increase your customer satisfaction, income, your share in the mobility and automotive market and many other benefits with the lowest cost, in the shortest possible time, and in other words, make significant changes to your business by using innovative marketing solutions and practices.
If you want to learn more about the way we work and our services, just contact the numbers listed on the site.

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Marketing in the vehicle and mobility industry is a very complicated issue, so if you want success in this area, you need to get help from experts.

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