Business Analytics


From small companies to massive corporations, the biggest factor that determines their success is customer satisfaction. Therefore, every company’s ultimate goal is to address their customers’ needs. Being able to identify the customers’ demands is extremely important and relying on assumptions is a colossal mistake.
Recently, business analytics has become fairly popular within a wide range of firms. According to our calculations, the reason is the valuable customer data that it extracts for companies. This information helps the companies understand their customers’ needs better.

What is Business Analytics (BA)?

In the past, all the resources that were necessary for a company to survive was productive staff, interesting ideas and an active customer base. But nowadays, with the globalization of businesses, the ability to purchase products from across the globe and the vast increase in the amount of data, the competition has become increasingly challenging to keep up with.
However, not every company that is in possession of the most amount of information is necessarily ahead of the others. Raw information is practically useless and it needs to be processed; this is where BA steps in. 
With the help of BA, companies can adopt effective strategies, make better decisions, evaluate their own performance and prepare for what lies ahead.
Today, a company should not underestimate BA if they want to be a tough rival for other firms. This has caused the demand for Business Analysts to grow exponentially, and it continues to rise every day. 

Down below, we will teach you some of the fundamentals of BA. 

Generally, BA is a subset of Business Intelligence that uses data analytics to provide solutions for the problems and needs of a business.

How many subsets is BA classified into?

Descriptive Analytics 

With comprehension of various historical data, descriptive analytics assists companies in better understanding the changes that have already occurred in the business process.

Predictive Analytics 

The process of creating predictive models and using different statistical methods which help evaluate data sets, detect patterns and finally predict the outcomes of a business process.

Prescriptive Analytics

It is known as the final step of BA and is the combination of both descriptive and predictive analytics. It provides insights both about the past and the future with the help of machine learning.

The main steps of BA are:

⦁Data Aggregation:

The process of gathering, organizing and filtering data before analysis.

⦁Data Mining

The process of sorting massive databases with the use of statistics, machine learning and database to establish relationships and identify trends.

⦁Sequence Identification and Association:

The act of identifying predictable actions that are performed collaboratively or sequentially with other actions.


Exploration and management of vast, unstructured text data for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

⦁Text Mining:

Creating different simulated case scenarios after predicting the outcomes and identifying the trends.

⦁Data Visualization:

The process of turning the numbers into pictorial representations. For example in the form of graphs, charts and maps.

The difference between BA and Data Analytics (DA)

While both fields attempt to increase operational efficiency, BA specifically focuses on business. While DA covers a broader term that includes OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), reporting and business intelligence. In DA, data engineers, data scientists and data analysts cooperate to make the process of data collection, integration and preparation for testing and validation of different analytical models easier to ensure correct results.


In the current age of information, every company needs to analyze their customers to understand their needs. This leads to a rise in the number of demand for business analysts. On the other hand, the shortage of business analysts makes the journey a lot easier for those who wish to become business analysts. So if you are searching for the perfect job, we invite you to join us.

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