Car Clinics(Dynamic and Static Car Clinic)

We have enough experience in setting up, arranging and managing Car Clinic Studies for major Iranian and foreign car manufacturers. Car clinics are held in well-equipped easily accessible venues in which facilities such as computer network, computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) , stands and banners, exceptional lighting and partitioning are provided. Beside of it we make the environment secure for the respondents which will participate in interviews. Usually our car clinic studies will be completed by conducting focus group discussions to cover the information in detail. We believe that by this, we search for the information as deep as would be possible.

Some of the objectives at car clinic

⦁ Defining a market positioning for the models, knowing its strength and its weak points

⦁ Discovering the models through the values the vehicle represents by the considered drivers

⦁ Elaborating the customer target for the models through a detailed description of the potential customers who like or dislike the product, as well as their motivation (reasons for acceptance or rejection)

⦁ The customers’ desires and needs concerning a car

⦁ The specifications evaluation of the exteriors & Interior of different cars, such as shape, form, style and trim

⦁ The technical specifications, such as fuel consumption, the engine power, etc

⦁ The key factors and criteria considered by the customers while choosing different cars

⦁ Defining the best Price for the car/equipment based on product and brand perceptions

⦁ The target customers and their characteristics

⦁ The positioning of the brands available in the market

The Steps of the Interviews at car clinic

Pre-clinic phase : outside the clinic venue, questions about daily life and preferences in the automotive field

Entry in the venue, quick look at all the cars from the same location (view from the middle of the venue)

Deeper examination of each car (closer)

Discovery of the interior (driver’s seat and back seats) and boot of each car

Discovery of the technical specs without price and then with price, ranking of preference, brand and buying intentions.