Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops

Staff morale plays a huge role in every organization’s performance. If there has been a recent change in the system of your company that you believe has affected your workers’ morale, you have to start contemplating a solution. In order to make things easier for you, our suggestion would be “Creative Workshops”.

What to expect from a Creative Workshop:

Productive Communication

Staff’s communication with one another, especially in remote or hybrid working has always been an issue. Remote working seems nice and easy in the beginning, but will start to feel dull and lonely after some time. What creative workshops do is use entertaining activities to get rid of the loneliness and allow the workers to express their opinions about the current situation of the organization.

Improvement of work/life balance

Research shows that in England, 2 out of 3 people look for jobs in which personal and work life are well-balanced. But how can we implement this? Attending creative workshops enables your staff to create some space between themselves and the rigid work environment and focus on the fun part of life. The majority of staff and managers believe that they are unable to be their real selves at work. Creative workshops can help bring them closer to their workplace, which boosts performance and creativity.

Reduce Stress

Everyone experiences stress throughout their life and their work environment can play a major role in that stress. According to surveys in 2020, around 79% of people claim that the stress they feel is work-related stress. While this number was 58% back in 2018. This shows that work stress is on the rise.

Creativity requires trial and error, so holding creative workshops where your staff can evaluate their ideas without the fear of failure can reduce their stress levels noticeably. (ex. pottery class)

Improve Staff Morale

With remote working becoming more and more popular every day, more people resort to online meetings, which eventually results in something called “Zoom Fatigue”. Leading to a decrease in morale and overall functionality. Creative workshops give people something to look forward to and encourage them to cooperate and have friendly conversations. The main goal in creative workshops is the expression of ideas that don’t come up during a usual workday. Workers that connect in creative workshops are mainly from different departments, which leads to the exchange of new thoughts and prospects and turns the workplace into a more engaging environment.

Improve Cognitive Function

Spending time and attention to hold more creative workshops for your staff will lead to increased happiness, improved mood and even their mental health. Opportunities to utilize creativity can boost the connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Therefore, attending creative workshops can increase your staff’s cognitive function!

Creative Workshops are a type of investment in your staff’s mental health and team communication and its benefits don’t end there! Creative workshops also increase productivity, motivation and the level of focus in your workers.

Do Creative Workshops Help with Customers?

Creative workshops can have a huge impact on customers as well. Every sales person who has a direct connection with consumers should be able to react professionally to their wants and needs.
B2C creative workshops have a wide range of benefits in terms of customer relations and we have mentioned some of them below:

Understanding the Customers’ Demands

B2C creative workshops are a great way to interact with the customer and study their behavior. By doing so, you will be able to identify their type of personality and realize what they really want.

Affecting the Customers’ Mind

Customer Interaction allows you to connect with the customer on an emotional level and therefore, impact their decision making. Direct communication with the customer enables you to inform them about the features of your product or service, suggest products that suit them best and last but not least, provide customers with customized products that are specifically designed for them. 

Maintaining Customer Loyalty

Creative Workshops can help you to identify and maintain your best qualities after a sale, hear out customer complaints and recommendations, do surveys and even enter long-term contracts with your customers.

Want to hold a Creative Workshop?

If you are willing to hold a creative workshop for your staff, make sure to contact us today! Creative workshops are one of our areas of expertise and we at IDEALWEEN will be more than glad to assist you in the improvement of your staff’s performance levels.

Our workshops involve entertaining and interactive activities and will not bore them! We will strengthen the link between your workers and will happily teach you the ways of implementing creativity into their daily tasks.

We look forward to hearing from you