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Demographics in Marketing Research

Demography is an important statistical tool in the marketing research field. For each business, according to the products and services it offers, there is a specific group of people in the community whose customers are the target of that business. Hence, every business must know its target customers in order to be able to develop a suitable marketing strategy based on the knowledge it acquires from the characteristics and behaviors of its target customers.

What is demographic information?

Demographic information includes information such as age, gender, income, race, number of children, geographical area (living location), level of education, and other information that refers to customer characteristics.In general, demographic information is obtained by examining the specific location being targeted. During these surveys, demographic information such as the number of people living in the area, the number of car or homeowners in the area, the number of students living in the area, and the amount of Internet usage that residents use, etc are collected.
In other words, demographic information is obtained through demographics, and demographics are part of the social sciences and aim to identify the human population and the changes that occur among humans over time. Data and information about the population of Iran, which are based on people, have been collected by the Statistical Center of Iran every five years since 2006.

Why is demographics so important in marketing research in Iran and in the world?

In marketing, the market has the most important role and since markets are made up of people, demographic studies or demographic information are of particular importance in marketing.
In order to develop a strategy and marketing that will bring a positive result for a business, it is necessary for marketers to pay attention to educational levels, household patterns, regional movement, etc.
Business owners who care about demographic information can easily analyze the target market, ultimately using the good opportunities that arise in the market area of their activities to develop their businesses as well as increase their income.

Demographic Information in Marketing

Demographic information is a major part of marketing research, as demographic information plays an important role in determining the necessary budget for marketing as well as the path of marketing strategy in Iran or marketing globally.
Whether you own a big business or own a small one, in any case you need to consider demographic information before you develop your business marketing strategies and plans, because decisions such as the type of packaging of your goods, how to price services or products, and many other factors that play a key role in your business, are all subordinate and are subject to demographic information.
With all these interpretations, it can be said that one of the applications of demographic information is the possibility of targeted marketing for different groups of people according to their characteristics.

Advantages of using demographic information in marketing

The fact that a significant portion of marketing research is devoted to the acquisition of demographic information prevents the capital wasting that various business owners may use in the wrong marketing ways.
To better understand this, it’s best to look at this example:
Consider a carpet cleaner and note that carpet washing is one of the occupations where the target customers are the residents around the area where the carpet washing is located. With that in mind, suppose that locals use the Internet to find local jobs such as carpet cleaning. Now, do you think it is right for the owner of this carpet washing to advertise his business by distributing tracts among the residents of that place? It is clear that no, the owner of this carpet washing has actually wasted his capital by doing this, because the residents of that place use the Internet to find local jobs, and therefore the owner of this carpet washing company has to spend this money on digital marketing.
Now, given this example, you can well understand how important it is to get demographic information in marketing research.

How to get demographic information for marketing

For demographic information in global marketing research or marketing research in Iran, there are a variety of ways. In fact, obtaining demographic information requires several different sources. Demographic information is available to organizations such as the Census Bureau, the Labor Office and related statistics, and you should go to the relevant organizations to receive them, although there is also some demographic information online and free of charge from the relevant organization’s website. In addition to the mentioned organizations, libraries are also many professional and specialized associations that you can get the information you need by visiting them.
Apart from all this, survey companies can also provide you with demographic information about your business.
Our company, Idealween Company, is one of the companies active in the field of statistics that can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date demographic information.

What is the Idealween company?

Idealween is a company active in the field of statistics that has been launched in 2016 with the aim of carrying out projects with the highest possible quality as well as providing accurate statistical information to various businesses to develop the best marketing strategy.
In fact, we are a fully independent company that offers you a variety of marketing research services in Iran as well as marketing research globally. In addition, we help you find a competitive advantage over your competitors using demographic information and marketing research.
Relying on the science of the world, having an honest approach in presenting the findings, collecting the highest quality information using various and reliable methods, supporting and carrying out the most complex and difficult research projects using an experienced team, etc. over the past few years, the Idealween company has become known as one of the unique companies active in the field of statistics that offers the most efficient and modern solutions.
So far, the experienced team of this company, which is composed of experienced and skilled experts and specialists, has cooperated with many companies that existed in Iran, Armenia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, etc. This has led the Idealween company to find a global mindset and always consider the global perspective in addition to the national perspective during marketing research.

Services that Idealween company can provide you with demographic information:

You may wonder exactly what services the Idealween can provide you with about demographic information? The answer is that we are here to help you learn about demographics and practically make it possible for you to find the right marketing strategy and make the dreams you have raised in your mind about your business come true.

Given that we provide you with the most accurate and honest demographic information, you can simply achieve the following goals:

– Find the best and most suitable marketing solutions in the world and Iran.
– Know the characteristics and demands of your target customers and increase their satisfaction by using strategies tailored to them.
– Know your competitors and also evaluate them, so that you can easily overtake them.
– Know the profitable opportunities that come to you in the labor market and use them to increase your income and develop your business.
– Turn the weaknesses of other activists in your field into your strengths.
– Take a significant share of the market in your field of activity.

If you want to use our services in the field of marketing research in Iran or even marketing research in the world, or would like to learn more about this area, contact us.

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