Desk Research

Future Marketing offers desk research studies based on secondary data such as directories, lists, statistics, reports of past surveys, and published information.

Desk research, or secondary research, is any intelligence or data that already exists. Desk research can provide you with a lot of extremely useful information, much of it for low cost.

Finding the right information will take some legwork but the results will help you make informed decisions about how to market your products and services.

There are many sources of secondary research that here in IDEALWEEN we offer all our attention:

Directories: If you operate in a local area, it’s a good idea to look through the local directories (both paper-based and online) to see who your competitors are, where they are located and how they market themselves.

Internet research: we can find out a lot about your market and your competitors by going online. On their own websites we can see how competitors are marketing their products, what their unique selling points are and directly compare prices for different products and services. We’ll get an insight into their strategy by reading their content and atc.

Libraries: All large libraries have business sections and access to online services. Here we can browse through business books, journals and reports. The various databases provides detailed company information on millions of public and private companies.

Market research reports: Sector surveys and reports from the various sources can tell you a lot about market conditions and trends. They often indicate the threats and opportunities in a sector and can highlight where there are gaps in the market.

Trade associations: Industry and business associations are a great source of information. Many trade bodies give their members access to industry statistics and reports.