Fast Food Industry

As restaurant and food service companies move from a survival mode to a recovery, they’ll face substantial challenges in how the types of consumer information are evolving. Idealween has a unique advantage regarding this, as we’ve witnessed these changes first hand. We see a focus on rebuilding and determining where efforts should be placed to excel in this new economy.

We see the greatest needs emerging in these areas:

• Strengthening customer relationships.
• Creating the right balance between customer acquisition & customer retention
• The need for innovation for new products and services

To respond to these needs, our marketing research work in the restaurant industry focuses on:

• Dinner insights (in-restaurant)
• Menu optimization
• Dinner segmentation
• New product / service innovation
• Advertising assessment & tracking
• Brand / service equity & positioning
• Product and service optimization
• Customer loyalty & retention
• Designing customized marketing research approaches to address business issues and adapting to changes in the market environment

In the retail world, you’ve got to know the competitive landscape at all times. But all too often, retail audits provided by third parties are not up to date quickly enough or they are not tailored specifically to your needs.

“VALUE” is something which can reduce the cost to consumer during the entire process of shopping. Retail audit is a tool which will help every marketer to get that value.
Why not conduct your own retail audit?

A retail audit can tell you:

• Which of your products
• and which of your competitors’ products
• are on which shelves
• at which stores
• at what times