Foods / Nutrition (FMCG)

IDEALWEEN provides high performance consumer testing solutions to product and marketing innovators that require quick, quantitative and high quality results. Our integrated consumer product testing services apply cutting edge, classic and customized marketing research methodologies to achieve rigorous results and actionable intelligence for our clients, we proprietary consumer research techniques are cultivated from key elements of traditional methodologies such as 1:1 product testing, central location tests (CLT), field intercepts, online survey methods, consumer panels and in-home use tests (IHUTs). Our innovative hybrid research methodologies are ideal for fast, affordable and flexible consumer product testing. We continues to break ground in developing new and improved consumer product testing solutions for marketing, consumer and product research professionals.

We continuously develops specialized products leveraging technology, advances in data collection modes, and advanced analytics in support of increasingly complex business decisions being made in an increasingly complex business environment. Clients begin working with us because they seek higher level, more insightful thinking and more attentive service from a research partner that understands what it takes to support their personal success as well as their company’s. Clients stay with us because we deliver.