Gang Survey

Gang surveys in market research are conducting in a facility where a group of people travel to the location to test, view, touch, and feel a product and immediately provide feedback through a survey. These become a quick way to test a new product and gather immediate feedback.
This method is a semi-qualitative method in which 15 to 25 respondents will be invited and the duration of each meeting will be about two hours, with a mix of self-completed questionnaire and moderated group discussions.
The gang surveys are more structured and invite participants to a facility versus the product being shipped out.
The main advantage of this method is that you will receive a large amount of information and feedback about a product in a short time.
The main area of ​​application of the Gang survey is research on the introduction of new products and techniques to the market, and this method is especially relevant at the present time, as it makes the information more reliable, in fact, removing the problem of “field control”, since the study can be observed as a focus group. This method allows you to get information quickly, since it combines two usually consecutive studies, and also makes it possible to combine quantitative and qualitative methods of collecting information.