HVI (Home Visit Interview)

A home visit is a qualitative research method that involves visiting the home of the research subject and interviewing and observing them in their home environment. This method also includes an in-depth interview, with the difference that it will be conducted at the respondent’s place of residence, and the respondent will answer the questions calmly, and in this way, we can get a deep insight into his or her interest and behavior. This is an interview conducted at the subject’s home. Observation of non-verbal information in the home enables the researcher to gain a realistic picture of the subject’s living environment. Usually, this method will be used to better understand the consumption habits and behavior of consumers of food products, cosmetics, sanitary detergents, etc. In many cases the in-home interview involves having the participant use the product as part of their normal routine. If it is a food product, the in-home interview we may ask the participant to actively open and cook or use the product as they normally would while they ask them live questions.