It has been many years that one of the most effective ways in market research and in quantitative method has been the mystery method. It seems to be time for the current methods to be improved in order to be able to reach more credible data.

One of the current shortages that exists is the absence of mystery method in current qualitative research. Hence, it is my purpose to create a novel method in qualitative part.

To start it is better to get going by two methods of FGD and IDI which are two of the most current qualitative methods. The suitable names for these two new methods can be BGFD and BIDI in qualitative methods which in order stand for Blind Focus Group Discussion and Blind In Depth Interviews.

Also using both in person and not in person methods are suggested to do BFGD and BIDI. In person method among friends and acquaintances and not in person method with the help of modern software around the world in social networks like Telegram can be used as creation a group but no one knows she or he is participating in a survey.

Using these two methods can help us reach more accurate and courageous information which is gathered by close respondent/respondents and guide this profession in achieving more accurate and effective results.

Thanks to our educated team, our goal is to be creative, improve the current methodologies and will create new methodologies for a better convenient for our clients.

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