New Products

Product testing is not just about behind-the-scenes R&D, it’s about making sure your product is developed in a way that meets the needs of your customers

Done well, product research lets you understand what customers really want, allowing you to tailor your product offering to meet demand and giving you a real competitive edge.

IDEALWEEN helps you refine product design and features before committing yourself to expensive product development costs. Regular product testing and market research can drive innovation over time, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

In the retail sector, product research can be invaluable. The findings can help convince retailers to stock your product and also present information on the best ways to display and promote a product to maximize sales. It’s also worth talking to retailers at an early stage of development as their experience and knowledge can be invaluable.

Once a product has been launched, product research often focuses on customer satisfaction. Together with research into competing products, product research like this can help you refine the marketing of existing products and inspire ideas for product improvements.