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Research marketing in oil and gas industry

The human world changed after the discovery of oil and gas. Oil, known as black gold, is one of the most widely used materials discovered by humans and is currently the world’s largest fuel source. Although scientists and more of those environmentalists struggle to find a way to replace fossil fuels, oil remains one of the most powerful industries globally through which many countries make foreign transactions.
The oil industry, also called petroleum, is a multipurpose industry through which human beings have succeeded in starting various businesses so that oil and gas are now among the few major industries in the world of today’s economy. The oil industry is completely linked to the overall stages of the preparation of this material. The industry includes the exploration, extraction and refining sectors.
Countries, especially those with large oil fields, are extracting crude oil by setting up oil rigs on the fields. The largest oil fields discovered in the world that hold large deposits of oil deep are near seas and oceans, as one of the most important resources that have become oil today is fossils and remnants of marine organisms that lived thousands and perhaps millions of years ago.
There are almost the same conditions in the gas debate. Just like oil, gas is also discovered and extracted in large fields that are drilled underground. In proportion to oil extraction, extraction and exploitation of gases have relatively different conditions. Gases deep underground, just like oil, are made up of certain chemical interactions that have been occurring deep underground for millions of years, and so there are natural gas reserves in different parts of the planet.
In the field of mining, production and operation of the oil and gas industry, the United States is in first place with production of more than 11 million barrels of crude oil per day and more than 766 billion cubic meters of natural gas throughout the year. Russia and Saudi Arabia are next in the oil production and extraction debate with 9 million and 800,000 barrels and 9 million and 260,000 barrels respectively, and Iran is in ninth place with production of nearly 2 million and 670,000 barrels of crude oil per day.
It is important to note that these figures are for the average production of countries in 2020. Iran ranks second in the production and operation of natural gas with 578 billion cubic meters of annual production after the United States (according to figures from the last decade).

The reason for the importance of marketing in the oil and gas industry

As mentioned earlier, oil and gas are two important and revolutionary categories in our world. Apart from the importance and main applications of oil and gas (fuel), it should also be noted that oil and gas are the main material of many other things. After discovering and extracting oil or gas, specialized companies store them in advanced refineries and make various products with the help of them, which is relatively more applicable to oil. Gas products are used to produce natural gas fuels such as methane gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other hydrocarbon products.
On the other hand, oil plays a major role in various important industries. Some of the most important products include gasoline, chemical paints, mazut, bitumen, LPGs, paraffin, etc. There are a lot of volumes in our daily lives. Therefore, it should be said that the existence of oil and gas has an undeniable place in modern human life. Because of the importance of these natural materials, many businesses are working through them. This has led to more and more companies and businesses operating in this field, making it harder and more challenging to compete in this field.
With these interpretations, how can a company active in the oil and gas industry be seen among competitors and promote its business? Like many other types of businesses, activity in the oil and gas industry also has special and complex conditions. If you are either working in this field or are in any way connected with the oil and gas industry, you have no chance of succeeding in the field of competition without a proper strategy and a professional marketing system.
This is where the importance of marketing appears in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, if you want to make progress in this area and want to have a large share of this turbulent market, you should professionally engage in marketing in Iran and marketing abroad. But what do you need for a desperate start? Your answer is marketing research.

Marketing research on oil and gas industry in Iran

Iran is recognized as one of the largest producers of oil and gas not only among Asian countries, but also among all countries in the world. This is enough to understand the value and place of oil and gas in Iran. That’s why there are many knowledge-based companies working in this field. These companies may operate privately or in the form of cooperation with government agencies in this field. It doesn’t matter how and in what field a company is doing business, the important thing is how to properly implement marketing and its specific strategies.
Any company that is active in the oil and gas industry in Iran must have noticed that due to the special and sensitive position of this type of business, special strategies are needed to succeed in this field. So in this case, these companies go for marketing strategies, but are these strategies and solutions normally available to everyone? Is it possible to choose between these easily? Of course, the answer to these questions is no! because marketing and more importantly marketing research in Iran requires a lot of expertise and experience and this information is not available to anyone.
Proper implementation of a strategy in accordance with marketing research in Iran helps companies active in this field to achieve the highest possible efficiency from their businesses with lower cost, energy and time. That’s why important and smart companies go to marketing research professionals to get the best results with their help and guidance.

Marketing research on the oil and gas industry in the world

Marketing research in the oil and gas industry does not lead to a country. These types of businesses are on a global scale, and where oil and gas are one of the most important commodity commodities in the world, small and large businesses are active in this area. Therefore, it is always advisable that if you have a business that in turn is linked to similar businesses in other parts of the world, you must use the global marketing and marketing research.
Apart from the fact that the use of marketing research in the world allows you to enter the world’s most susceptible markets and helps you gain non-Rial revenu, being in this market also makes you aware of the modern and new trends and strategies that successful international companies use, and implementing these strategies in your business, will allow you to achieve more success not just in Iran, but globally.
Of course, marketing research in the world has a more complex category than other types of marketing, which is why it is recommended that you seek help from companies and experts in this field.

Idealwheen, Your way to achieve marketing goals

Idealwheen Company with specialized knowledge in marketing research in Iran and even globally, can provide modern marketing solutions, services and strategies to reach your desired goals much faster than expected. Idealwheen can provide the best possible solutions for your business in the oil and gas industry using the world’s most up-to-date methods and using experts in marketing and marketing research.

Some services provided by the Idealwheen company for customers:
• Providing modern solutions in combined marketing
• Targeted planning to achieve the objectives set in short time intervals
• Implementing new marketing strategies and methods in accordance with your business
• Perform various tests
• Collect targeted information from targeted audience and customers
• Create and submit questionnaires and applied surveys
• Check and analyze competitors to find their strengths and weaknesses
• Help to increase the quality of products and services by providing the best analyzed methods
• Help to increase people’s awareness of your brand name and help you become more famous
• Create various opportunities for your global business development

So if you are looking for success in your business and do not know where to start, our expert advisers are here to guide you. For more information, contact us with the numbers on the site or through the contact section.

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