Restaurants / Food Service

As restaurant and food service companies move from a survival mode to a recovery, they’ll face substantial challenges in how the types of consumer information are evolving. Idealween has a unique advantage regarding this, as we’ve witnessed these changes first hand. We see a focus on rebuilding and determining where efforts should be placed to excel in this new economy.

We see the greatest needs emerging in these areas:

• Strengthening customer relationships.
• Creating the right balance between customer acquisition & customer retention
• The need for innovation for new products and services

To respond to these needs, our marketing research work in the restaurant industry focuses on:

• Dinner insights (in-restaurant)
• Menu optimization
• Dinner segmentation
• New product / service innovation
• Advertising assessment & tracking
• Brand / service equity & positioning
• Product and service optimization
• Customer loyalty & retention
• Designing customized marketing research approaches to address business issues and adapting to changes in the market environment