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Marketing in shipping (transportation) and logistics

The footprint of the transport and logistics industry is clearly seen today in the place of our daily lives. This has led us all to understand the logistics and transportation subdued that manages the process of collecting, storing and transferring resources (or goods) from the point of origin to the destination point.
Of course, if we want to specialize in the transportation and logistics industry, we have to say that logistics is actually part of the supply chain that is responsible for moving a shipment and delivering it to the final recipient (last mile delivery). At the present time, logistics is divided into two types:
– Inbound Logistics
– Outbound Logistics
In-side logistics in this industry is the most important supply chain process because the main focus of this type of logistics is on the movement of goods from manufacturers to warehouses or small vendors. This is if the main focus in outboundlogistics is on supplying goods from the warehouse and delivering it to the final recipients.
It is good to know that according to the range of services provided to customers in the transportation and logistics industry, there are other sub-categories such as reverse logistics, green logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics, military logistics, etc.

The reason for the importance of marketing in shipping and logistics

Doing marketing in any business brings benefits to the owner of that business, but in the field of logistics and transportation, marketing does not only bring you a number of benefits, but in addition to profits, it is necessary for the survival of your business.
It can be said that marketing in logistics and shipping, you will earn more money and give a lot of prosperity to your business, and as a result you will be able to expand your activity nationally and internationally, but The biggest and most important reason for the importance of marketing in the transportation and logistics industry is the survival and sustainability of your business using marketing research that you need to do to develop a marketing strategy.
If you are familiar with the principles of marketing strategy preparation, you know that it is necessary to develop a successful marketing strategy, conduct marketing research at the national level or even conduct marketing research internationally, and it is practically the only thing to do that will help you develop and implement a marketing strategy tailored to any business. You can gain many advantages and benefits in the logistics market and achieve great success by using the information you gain during marketing research in Iran and the world.

Benefits of conducting marketing research in logistics and shipping

Conducting marketing research on logistics and transportation will help you gain a full understanding of your target customers. Having full knowledge of your target customers makes you know what their demands are for you as a logistics activist, how you can meet their needs, what services you can provide them, how you can create a stable situation for your business, how you can save money on yourself and your customers, etc.
Knowing each of these matters will help you to easily gain a competitive advantage over your competitors and increase your income, customer satisfaction, company activity, etc. day by day, and thus, become one of the biggest and most famous activist in the shipping and logistics industry.
You might think, without doing marketing research on transportation and logistics, you know you’ll be successful when you can deliver the goods to your customers as quickly as possible, with the lowest cost, and services such as good packaging, after-sales service, warranty, etc. But you need to know that these are very general information that even people who are not very active in this field will come up with a little thought, and marketing studies and research in this area will make you get much more detailed information about these issues.

Marketing research on transportation and logistics in Iran

Currently, there are many companies in the field of logistics and transportation in Iran, each of which has unique advantages for customers, but there are a limited number of them that have taken a significant share of Iran’s logistics market. Interestingly, due to the activities of these companies over the past few years, Iran has passed 32 steps growth in the logistics and transportation industry and has been able to take 64th place among the top 160 countries in the field of logistics and transportation.
Conducting marketing research in Iran will help you to go through the stairs one by one with the least risk and move above the stairs you are currently on in a short time. Because in the current situation, i.e. the prevailing economic situation in society, the existence of the coronavirus, etc. , special conditions for your business, it is better to get help from experts and professionals who have many successful experiences in your field of work to avoid wasting your money and time. In addition, getting help from marketing research professionals reduces the risk of making the wrong choice in preparing the strategy you want.

Marketing research on transportation and logistics in the world

In the present era, the world recognizes the logistics industry as the new generation of the transportation industry. In fact, since the industry is one of the essential elements for the prosperity of a country’s trade and exports, logistics and transportation are of particular importance to each country. This has led to the increasing satisfaction of customers and the use of better marketing strategies by all companies operating in this field who want to have a stake in the global logistics transportation market.
Even if you are not operating internationally, study the marketing strategies that major global companies use in the field of logistics and transportation such as DHL Express, XPO, Kenco Group, Americold Logistics and, most famously, the large and reputable FedEx company. Also, doing marketing research on transportation and logistics in the world brings you many benefits. Especially if you also provide services such as packaging to your customers, you are strongly advised to do so.
Did you know why global marketing research is so important to you, even though you do not intend to do it internationally? Because it helps you to use new marketing strategies to grow your business, and also, be aware of changes that may occur in this market sooner than your other competitors in the Iranian logistics market, get to know the latest popular trends in transportation and logistics and update your marketing strategy by considering them.
If you are operating internationally or wanting to expand your business globally, using the information you get from marketing research globally, you can get to know your target customers who are outside Iran and enjoy many successes in the global logistics market.
Idealween Company is one of the companies that you can safely entrust marketing research in Iran and even marketing research in the world to its experts and specialists.

Brief introduction of Idealween Company

Idealween is a specialized company with several years of experience in the field of marketing statistics and research that has been able to find successful and innovative strategies for various businesses over the past few years.
In fact, at Idealween, we have the ability to do statistical research in your field of business in Iran and the world, to help you get to know your target customers and ultimately by turning your competitors’ weaknesses into your own strengths. And by doing these strategies one by one, leave behind your competitors and succeed in conquering the summit of your goals.

Our services related to marketing in logistics and transportation industry

– Finding the best and most suitable solutions in the field of marketing
– Finding your target customers and recognizing their behavioral characteristics, needs and desires
– Performing concept tests using various questionnaires
– Analyzing and evaluating customer satisfaction with your services
– Identifying your brand name to people
– Analysis and analysis of your competitors in this field
– Identifying profitable market opportunities tailored to your business
– Help increase your income and develop your business
– Preparing a marketing strategy tailored to your business with the lowest risk of failure

You can communicate with the experts and specialists of Idealween Company by contacting the numbers listed in the site and, get more information about marketing in the field of transportation and logistics by consulting with them.

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Marketing in transportation and logistics, due to the prevailing conditions in the market of this industry, has become a difficult and complicated process in which success is only possible by conducting marketing research in Iran and the world.