Shop Along

Shop-along is a type of qualitative research wherein a trained researcher conducts observational research and one-to-one, in-depth interviews in-situ, during consumers’ shopping trips.
This is the method by which we can gain deep insight into the mindset of consumers and purchasers. This method is quite suitable for identifying criteria and factors of buyers to buy a particular brand or product.
In many studies, researchers consider predetermined factors and criteria for measurement, but considering the changing needs depending on the current time, it is better to use this method to identify the selection criteria of buyers and consumers to be more accurate.
In this way, those who intend to buy a specific item will be recruited and the DG will be completed with them at the time of purchase. Usually, an in-depth interview before the purchase and another in-depth interview after the purchase will be conducted with. At the time of purchase, the questioner will monitor the purchaser’s behavior. Each of these in-depth interviews will last about 40 minutes and the buyers will be given gifts for their cooperation.
Shop-along research does exactly what it sounds like, a research analyst shops alongside the actual consumer. Whether it is a grocery store, department store, or even online store – the analyst asks questions to the respondents as he/she shops for products.
Main benefit of this modality is that respondents may not be cognizant of the smaller details of their shopping decisions and their choices until they are prompted. Shop-along research is capable of touching on nearly all aspects of the consumer behavioral process for a specific shopping occasion.