syndicated research application via mobile phone

At first let us have a short brief on syndicated research definition. It would be a research study which is conducted by us but not for any specific client which is called a syndicated research. We are providing the result of such research in the form of reports, presentations, raw data etc. and we will make it available in open market for anyone to purchase.

In our syndicated research the research problem and scope of research is formulated by us based on our experience and methodologies. We will make it into your customized needs of market research.

Idealween proudly is developing a Syndicated Research Application via mobile phone to gather data for a syndicated research to have purer data.

Nowadays people are more convenient with using an application in their mobile phone as an Application than having F2F interviews. It will save their time to go for participating in a market research surveys. Their time would be in their hand and they can answer to the questions any time they are free!

Now let’s try to understand why it will be conducted?

  1. When you want to find information about a market before making a plan for full scale custom market research.
  2. When you want to use data pointers and charts during presentations and have no-time to conduct custom research.
  3. When you want to create an investor pitch and need various data pointers on short notice.
  4. When you are running short on your research budget.
  5. When you need information for use in your research thesis.
  6. When you are working in news agency and want data for your article or news story.
  7. You are a venture capitalist or investor and want to be updated about trends happening in various industries, markets and companies of your interest.

We will proudly develop a Syndicated Research Application for

different kinds of mobile systems like android other smart phone systems and will gather information about 21 main industries in the market.

Why developing the Syndicated Research Application is necessary?

  • We can have the largest data bank in the world
  • Ease of access for the respondents
  • They can fill it individually
  • They can fill the data in their spare time
  • We will have purer data
  • No limitation for the sample size

In future,

  • We will make the application as a survey and online monitoring app.
    • We will be informed as soon as the respondents will enter the data or change it.
  • We will increase the number of industries to search for.
    • Now we are planning to search 21 industries but it is our plan to vast it into all industries.

It is our pleasure that we are the first market research agency in Iran market that is conducting syndicated research via mobile application.

Nowadays Iranian people are more comfortable with mobile Applications and they will deliver us purer data.

As our goal is to be creative and creating new methods to have a better result for different needs of the clients in a shorter time and more reliable.

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