Marketing in the tobacco industry

The tobacco industry is one of the industries that every person has heard of at least once in their life. Interestingly, there are some very interesting numbers in the industry that may surprise you to hear. It may be said that since the tobacco plant was used thousands of years ago, the substrate of the industry has been formed and the industry was finally born in Europe in the 18th century, when the commercial form of tobacco use became popular.
If we want to take a look at the tobacco industry in Iran, we have to say that for many years, the largest Iranian company active in this industry which has the popular brands like Bahman, Farvardin, Tir, Asia, etc. is the Iran Tobacco Ltd.
The company’s activities started in 1937 and according to the reports obtained since 2012, the process of privatization of the company has taken place. Of course, in addition to this company, other large companies such as GTI Pars, BAT Pars, Arian Tobacco Industry and … Also, as Iranian companies active in the tobacco industry, they are active and have a significant share of tobacco production in Iran.
It may be interesting to know that in the distant past, the tobacco industry has been the most profitable industry in the world, but with the creation of the pharmaceutical industry and crude oil, it has dropped from number one to third. Currently, more than 100 million people around the world are engaged in businesses in the tobacco industry, while about 6 million tons of tobacco are produced annually in the world by 120 countries.
Currently, about 80 percent of the industry’s products are imported into the global tobacco market by developing countries. Although, it is necessary to know that information about the tobacco industry, for some reason, cannot be easily analyzed and therefore information in this field should be done by skilled and experienced experts.

Marketing research in the tobacco industry

Considering the issues in the tobacco industry related to marketing and advertising, marketing research in Iran and the world is of particular importance and in fact, the key to success of businesses in this field is to conduct marketing research and prepare a marketing strategy in accordance with the information obtained through marketing research at national and international levels.
Conducting marketing research in the tobacco industry gives you the opportunity to know the demands and needs of your customers and know investing for which age groups can you earn more, and know how to market your products despite limited advertising channels.
If we want to familiarize you in general with the benefits of marketing research in your field of activity, we should say that doing marketing research in the tobacco industry reduces the risk of investing in futile and false marketing strategies to zero, and doing so will lead you to use a strategy to market your products, which is nearly 100 percent likely to result in the development of your business and increase your income. So in one sentence, marketing research saves you from losses and reveals the path to success for you.

Conducting marketing research on the tobacco industry globally

Nothing can help your business grow and prosper in a short period of time as much as doing marketing research on the tobacco industry globally, as well as bringing a suitable and reliable platform for developing your products. Note the example below, to find out how useful it can be for you to do world-class marketing research:
You may not believe it, but the largest companies in the tobacco industry are investing billions of dollars a year in marketing their products. According to reports from global marketing research conducted in 2018, several major companies in the industry, they have invested about $ 265 per year for each smoker to market their products in the United States alone.
By analyzing this simple example, you can find out who the target community of the big companies in the industry are and what features they have and even somewhat get information about their marketing strategy, now think, if you do marketing research more broadly globally, what results do you achieve?
Clearly, you can model the marketing strategy of big companies and notice the changes that will happen in the tobacco market sooner than your other competitors, or know the trends in this market. 

Conducting marketing research on tobacco industry in Iran

Currently, the value of Iran’s tobacco market is estimated to be between $40 billion and $50 billion, and according to information obtained through marketing research in Iran, tobacco consumption in this country has reached 75 billion yarns, of which only 55 billion yarns are produced inside the country and the rest (20 billion yarns) are supplied through smuggling. However, domestic marketing policies related to tobacco are based on limiting marketing channels for activists in this field.
Practically, if you want to pay without doing marketing research on the tobacco industry in Iran, you have spent a lot of money on implementing a risky and risky strategy, which has no hope of achieving positive results for your business, which means that given the prevailing conditions and the economic situation of the society, if you want to use a successful and risk-free strategy, you need to pay special attention to marketing research and get help from experts in this field.
you might ask why we get help from professionals and why don’t we team up ourselves to do marketing research on the tobacco industry? So we have to tell you that a team is needed to conduct marketing research with regard to changing the behavior and characteristics of target customers, and assembling a professional team for this, requiring time, cost, accuracy, etc. Therefore, the use of experienced people or teams can put you ahead in every way and get you to the summit of success sooner, as well as prevent huge losses that you may suffer to assemble this team.
There are many people in Iran or abroad who, in the form of a team or a company, can help you to take advantage of marketing research in your field of activity. Idealween Company is one of the companies that you can safely and comfortably get help from to do marketing research in Iran and even do marketing research globally in relation to the tobacco industry. With the help of experts and specialists working in this company, you will be able to find an innovative way to market your products purposefully.

About Idealween Company

Idealween is one of the specialized companies active in the field of marketing statistics and research, which has been operating for several years. The professional team of The Idealween, during these years of activity, have been able to work with many companies in Iran, UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, etc. collaborate and introduce successful and innovative marketing strategies to each one of them according to their business type.
You can now get to know your target customers with the help of Idealween company and finally achieve your goals and expand your activity by using the right strategy and turning your competitors’ weaknesses into strengths.

Idealween services in relation to marketing in the tobacco industry

At Idealween, we help you find the best and most suitable solutions in the field of tobacco marketing according to the needs and desires and behaviors of your target customers, know the profitable opportunities that come for you in the tobacco market, and go through the steps of success one by one
Some of the things we do for you to achieve your goals:
– Performing concept tests using specialized questionnaires
– Analyzing and evaluating customer satisfaction with your goods or services
– Conducting individual tests from different and anonymous persons
– Identifying your brand name to people or so-called brand awareness
– Analysis of your competitors in this field
– Using modern advertising solutions

You can contact the experts and specialists of The Idealween company right now through the numbers listed on the site and learn about our services to you and learn how we provide solutions for you.

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Marketing research in the tobacco industry is one of the basic needs of companies which work in this field to survive, and without it, it is not possible to develop a proper marketing strategy.