Consumer Research

Since our inception, consumer research has always been a very consistent and significant component of what we do here at Idealween.

As a result, within our company resides an immense body of knowledge that facilitates a profound understanding of our client’s needs, regardless of what they may be. For consumer research, because it invites an extensive range of research cultures and methodologies, we believe such experience based understanding to be indispensable.

This understanding is manifest in the work of our managers, recruiters, telephone interviewers, moderators and face-to-face interviewers. It can be seen in our ability to tailor a project to suit your needs, and in the way we deliver to you everything you need in a timely manner.

For qualitative projects, our recruiters deliver respondents on spec and on time. We can provide expert moderators for focus groups, depth interviews, web based depth interviews, online bulletin boards, online focus groups, ethnographic immersions, in-store interviews and observations.

For quantitative projects, we work constantly with CATI, WATI, face to face, and Online tools. Our CATI interviewers work quietly and efficiently to achieve project targets while not compromising the standards of professionalism and courtesy in which they have been trained.

Our face to face interviewers are more than comfortable with intercepts, sensory tests, central location interviewing, major events research, mystery shopping, store audits and observations. They can collect data using iPads and the latest technology if required. Where the project requires an on-line response, xxx is very well equipped to handle all facets of the on-line process for you, from recruiting the respondent to scripting your survey then processing and visualizing data.