Research Services

Analytical Services: Demographics Analysis
Data Analysis
Segmentation Analysis
Statistical Analysis
SWOC Analysis
Business Plan
Consultation: Advertising / Communication
Social / Cultural Research
New Product Research
Marketing Research Reports
Consumer Loyalty Research
Business-to-Business Research
Data Collection Field Services: Field Audits
Field Direction/Plan
Data Mining Data Mining
Desk Research Desk Research
Qualitative: Focus Groups Discussion
In-Depth Interviews
Home Visit Interviews
Shop Along
Quantitative: CAPI
Mystery shopping
Door to door
CLT (Central location test)
Questionnaire Designing Questionnaire Designing
Discussion Guide Designing Discussion Guide Designing
Data Collection Management Data Collection Management
Database Development Database Development
Conjoint Analysis (Understanding choice behavior) Conjoint Analysis (Understanding choice behavior)
Menu-based Choice modeling (MBC) Menu-based Choice modeling (MBC)
Presentations And Report Writing Presentations And Report Writing
Simultaneous translation Simultaneous translation
Social Media Research (SMR) Social Media Research (SMR)
Coding Coding
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance


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